Ingenious Construction Workers That Are At Another Level ▶8

Pubblicato il 30 gen 2019
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  • W. War

    W. War

    Anno fa

    Só profissionais trabalhando, muito satisfatório.



    3 anni fa

    Обычные строители, мастера хорошие, таких мастеров не только они автор, тут гениального ничего нету !!!

  • frank souza

    frank souza

    3 anni fa

    Parabéns belíssimo trabalho...

  • Luzia Pereira Paes

    Luzia Pereira Paes

    2 anni fa

    Que profissionalismo fantástico 😍. Fazem obras de arte 😍

  • Leif Price

    Leif Price

    2 anni fa

    It is indeed, ingenious. The designs, the work itself are just that. Great, great work.

  • zar beliki

    zar beliki

    2 anni fa

    A esto se le llama excelencia, felicitaciones maestros

  • James Mulvenna

    James Mulvenna

    3 anni fa

    Was doing all this in Germany in the Early 90's. The Germans have always been 30 years ahead of us(UK) at construction.

  • Eustáquio Jacarandá

    Eustáquio Jacarandá

    19 giorni fa

    Que massa,muito legal!

  • Jose Goncalves A.sobrinho Goncalves

    Jose Goncalves A.sobrinho Goncalves

    3 anni fa

    Parabéns muito bom

  • Marcos Paulo júnior! Só senhor e Deus!

    Marcos Paulo júnior! Só senhor e Deus!

    2 anni fa

    Se esta tecnologia inovadora em construções vier para o Brasil vai gerar mais desemprego ainda.

  • Seth Barker

    Seth Barker

    2 anni fa

    Being a genius myself, I can confirm they are ingenious

  • Adriana Silva França

    Adriana Silva França

    5 mesi fa

    Amo construção....

  • Tech Mais Tops

    Tech Mais Tops

    3 anni fa

    Muito bom! Realmente estão em outro nível. Very Good

    • Tamara Medvedeva

      Tamara Medvedeva

      Giorno fa

      If he was truly concerned about the future of the Free World, he wouldn't be making such inflammatory remarks.

    • Vera Bazhenova

      Vera Bazhenova

      2 giorni fa

      Your phrases an empty phrase…

  • Dewa Made Suweta

    Dewa Made Suweta

    2 anni fa

    Yang luar biasa adalah peralatannya.... jika ada alat, siapapun bisa jadi pekerja bangunan... asal ada kemauan!



    3 anni fa

    Потолок прикольный получился👍 зачёт. Сам люблю такие работы

    • Dddd Hyyhhh

      Dddd Hyyhhh

      3 anni fa

      Hi their I love your videos

  • Hamster Vera

    Hamster Vera

    26 giorni fa

    Интересно посмотреть видео такого плана!🌞👍

  • Филипп Татаров

    Филипп Татаров

    3 anni fa

    Строители просто супер, я про них в детстве читал.( Три поросёнка). Качество и надёжность один в один.

    • СЕРГЕЙ Ч

      СЕРГЕЙ Ч

      3 giorni fa

      Слипили из того что было.

  • Grażyna Arcimowicz

    Grażyna Arcimowicz

    2 anni fa

    Wygląda to bardzo profesjonalnie.

  • Amor y nada mas

    Amor y nada mas

    2 anni fa

    Da alegría ver a estos fenómenos 👌😍

    • (Nikolay) Mykola Zhyryada - Fai da te

      (Nikolay) Mykola Zhyryada - Fai da te

      4 mesi fa

      A me tambien ❤️❤️❤️

  • Randolfo Carlos

    Randolfo Carlos

    3 anni fa


  • Maria lucia Santos da silva

    Maria lucia Santos da silva

    5 mesi fa

    É gostoso de ver quem sabe fazer

  • Reni Santana

    Reni Santana

    Anno fa

    Incrível ficou perfeito 👏👏👏👏👏

    • 9anat motjdida

      9anat motjdida

      28 giorni fa


  • felix alejandro mena cañas

    felix alejandro mena cañas

    Anno fa

    Excelente vídeo correspondiente a la aplicación prefabricados para construir la cerca perimetral. Felicitaciones.

  • latham area

    latham area

    Anno fa

    a true sign of a professional, not afraid to show his level to the camera...well done

  • Дневник Новостройки

    Дневник Новостройки

    2 anni fa

    Мне бы таких строителей!

  • jim s

    jim s

    3 anni fa

    As a retired remodeler I found some of these interesting. Remember measure twice and cut once unless its to short then cut it again. lol

  • Brad Phillips

    Brad Phillips

    3 anni fa

    I see ingenious products, designs and systems with trained construction workers using the equipment and systems.

  • aaron shirley

    aaron shirley

    2 anni fa

    Love seeing things being done properly, so satisfying.

  • Dwayne Terry

    Dwayne Terry

    2 anni fa

    These techniques are amazing. Living here in Georgia we only build one way. 25 years of construction and maintenance. I’ve never seen anything like these techniques

  • Tomasz


    3 anni fa

    Co w tym nadzwyczajnego? Normalnie wykonywana praca

  • Calamity Jack

    Calamity Jack

    3 anni fa

    Wow. Building a fence. That really is "next level". (◔_◔)

  • Alex Jellye

    Alex Jellye

    23 minuti fa

    Omg! These guys are using tools and materials exactly designed for the job they’re doing! Wow! That’s unexpected!

  • Advanced Tech

    Advanced Tech

    Mese fa

    Amazing Video ! Keep it up ! :)

  • wanderlust


    24 giorni fa

    Wished workers used a level and a straight edge when they built my house 🙂

  • Northwest Partitions

    Northwest Partitions

    Anno fa

    Nice work!

  • MrTommy4000


    3 anni fa

    I'll bet these guys had very very good teachers. Very well done.

  • Best Movie Sence

    Best Movie Sence

    2 anni fa

    wow!! i really love this video, i learned alot. i hope i can make it here in the house too..

  • Paul Peck DrywallTube

    Paul Peck DrywallTube

    2 anni fa

    Good stuff gentlemen!🔥😎

  • Rafael Rosario

    Rafael Rosario

    3 anni fa

    Interesting and cool work videos 😎

  • zhenyasmartable


    2 anni fa

    Из такого металлопрофиля можно и самолеты строить уже в подвале

  • Graca miguel Miguel

    Graca miguel Miguel

    7 ore fa

    Verdadeiros profissionais, gostei

  • Andy Britnell

    Andy Britnell

    2 anni fa

    Not only does this video show off ingenuity, it also shows the amount of thought and design that goes into this type of work. Thanks for sharing!

  • caviariobelosampa porquinhos da india

    caviariobelosampa porquinhos da india

    2 anni fa

    Show de bola

  • Notbloody Likely

    Notbloody Likely

    38 minuti fa

    I first saw this type of brick used in Austria. You can't get them in the UK which is a real shame. They look so easy to use, cut and shape.

  • 3LM0


    2 anni fa

    Nie wiedziałem że Beckham robi w budowlance. Dobry ziomek piłkę kopał, a teraz płoty stawia.

  • moh younis

    moh younis

    Anno fa

    Amazing..l feel I can do anything when I watch things like that

  • J.A.R. Family

    J.A.R. Family

    2 anni fa

    It's not really "ingenious" it's people that are truly good at their craft. They're called professionals/journeyman. When you enjoy your craft you do quality work.

  • Allan Rumondor

    Allan Rumondor

    2 anni fa

    Good idea 👍👍👍



    3 anni fa

    WOW! So just working = another level. This is what we have become? I walk amongst Gods.

  • Ethan_wav


    3 anni fa

    They’re just working what’s so special, when I hear “next level” I want to see a house be built in a day 😂😂

    • Jason Fournier

      Jason Fournier

      Giorno fa

      Agree, they aren't ingenious, or next level, just competent professionals doing the job right.

    • xXJBrutalXx


      6 mesi fa

      that would be the Amish barn raising timelapse vid if you are into that kind of next level

    • Jonathan Cortes

      Jonathan Cortes

      9 mesi fa

      Just working? I guess you've never heard of having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. For example have you ever tried putting together something with a screwdriver vs a power drill? Yea same concept

    • luis lopez

      luis lopez

      Anno fa

      Va j r

    • Jesse Hernandez

      Jesse Hernandez

      Anno fa

      Well arent you some kind of asshole

  • Ab Cd MD. PHD.

    Ab Cd MD. PHD.

    3 anni fa

    I could spend all day watching someone else work.

  • Sam Turambar

    Sam Turambar

    2 anni fa

    wooow !!! and to think that in Argentina we still build our homes of bricks, cement and iron, which takes months and months or years to finish building a simple house.

  • Chuffin 'ell

    Chuffin 'ell

    3 anni fa

    Imagine that, workers who actually work.

  • Куат Корганбаев

    Куат Корганбаев

    3 anni fa

    Убил момент когда чувак убирает лишний смесь отломанной веткой между блоками евростены 🤣

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    19 ore fa

    it looks like some sort of hard-work version Lego. awesome!

  • RyverLoire


    3 anni fa

    Amazing how doing your job properly (we're going to pretend hammering the the screw doesn't exist) makes for a good job. It's almost like...if you take your time to do it well it will come out right.
    But...who in their right mind needs a sink that shallow? I could bath a kitten in that thing and it'd never go past their little elbows!

    • Sandra Lee

      Sandra Lee

      2 mesi fa

      Yes, about the sink! And now they almost only sell sinks like that (in France). If you turn on the water too much, it splashes right out! Fortunately i still have an old sink from the 70's, where I could fully bathe a Maine Coon tomcat, if I had one.

  • David Odegard

    David Odegard

    2 anni fa

    I built a bigger rasp out of plywood and a floor sanding band. It lasted for a hundred thousand square feet. Very nice.

  • Adrian Collie

    Adrian Collie

    3 anni fa

    Saw nothing here other than skilled tradesmen who know how to do their jobs. It's what you pay for!

  • Sunamita Nazaret

    Sunamita Nazaret

    2 anni fa

    Verdaderamente, es algo exquisito verlos trabajar y mas cuanto se cuenta con todo lo que se requiere para cualquier proyecto.
    Yo ando reciclando naterial, lijando maderas y pintandolas para construir mi casa, pero me gozo y me gozo ver que ellos trabajan, de esa forma. Dios los bendiga

  • CD H

    CD H

    3 anni fa

    Good job !

  • рустам рустам

    рустам рустам

    Anno fa

    Это конечно все отлично! Вот только в России нет и половина таких инструментов и таких материалов...

    • Дионис Вакх

      Дионис Вакх

      16 giorni fa

      все есть, только за это платить надо

  • Oskar Dąbkowski

    Oskar Dąbkowski

    3 anni fa

    Są gdzieś w Polsce do kupienia takie łamane profile aluminiowe?

  • siouxmorrison


    8 mesi fa

    Seems like you just discovered that laborers have skills. But le me tell you this is NOT another level

  • bryant Necessary

    bryant Necessary

    3 anni fa

    Funny how people doing their jobs correctly warrents them as "amazing" workers.

    • Jeff Kreft

      Jeff Kreft

      2 anni fa

      bryant Necessary yes in today’s times, yes it is truly amazing! Lol

    • Mikey T

      Mikey T

      2 anni fa

      NOPE not that amazing! It just looks like good all fashion work to me, The only thing amazing about it is the new upgrade and technology that contractors get to work with today so that’s only thing amazing and in 20 years from now this shit won’t be amazing anymore!

    • krtek


      2 anni fa

      it's for Russian audience mainly...

    • MrErAgOxX3


      2 anni fa

      What's amazing it's the fact they are actually doing their job properly

    • Glen R

      Glen R

      3 anni fa

      @Yehuda Sigal then you need to either train or fire a worker who make mistakes 90% of the time, else your business will soon go down the drain

  • FastZebra Zoom

    FastZebra Zoom

    3 anni fa

    Anyone that uses a measuring tape and level is automatically amazing ^.^

  • Ahmed Ahmed

    Ahmed Ahmed

    2 anni fa

    إبداع....تقنيات جميلة في البناء❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜

  • Jat S

    Jat S

    2 anni fa

    Love the granite tiles .👍👍👍

  • Ray Rayfro

    Ray Rayfro

    3 anni fa

    Guys who know there job love it!

  • PF L

    PF L

    3 anni fa

    Thats not “another level“ thats normal work with epic music

    • federico cavallo

      federico cavallo

      3 giorni fa

      Tal cual

    • Julián Yo

      Julián Yo

      2 mesi fa

      That's exactly right. Disliked for that. And the materials that they use are rubbish.

    • ProMontaj


      Anno fa

      the world has changed 😀 today the usual ability to think and do a good job is surprising 😂 because few people have brains and hands.

    • Cesar Santellana

      Cesar Santellana

      Anno fa

      Somebody's wife got fcked by a Mexican. Ouch!!

    • Hhgko G88

      Hhgko G88

      2 anni fa

      @Terry Byrd buon travaie

  • alex alex

    alex alex

    3 anni fa

    Соблюдение технологии производства и монтажа, это уже гениально?....

  • berlsecg4s


    3 anni fa

    Tout simplement magnifique....,bravo messieurs !!!

  • kimberly brooks

    kimberly brooks

    2 giorni fa

    In my mind I can do some of these projects, I need the last one for my back yard.

  • Marwan Mohamed

    Marwan Mohamed

    2 anni fa

    Wow constructions a thing of the future reminds me the time in egypt when my own parents used to force me to build the pyramids umm yes thats what i like i love it

    • Fatima Alami

      Fatima Alami

      6 mesi fa

      What the actual f...

  • Single abroad

    Single abroad

    Anno fa

    Really "worth seeing and enjoying. Thank you very much"

  • Oscar Moore

    Oscar Moore

    4 giorni fa

    Vivo en Argentina éstas cosas me superan , esa tenología llegará aca dentro de 30 años.

  • Furryz


    2 anni fa

    The designers and engineers who create this stuff may be ingenious I’ve been working commercial and residential construction for 37 years I consider myself apt but new technologies are rolling in all the time and since dryvit lots of products seem to be going right over top of Styrofoam nothing is real anymore we have been doing bathrooms for veterans in need of specially adaptive housing all of our shower benches are German engineered Styrofoam with fleece covering and we lay tile right over it

  • Strangertothepublic


    3 anni fa

    This is what i call doing a job!

  • James Grimwood

    James Grimwood

    2 anni fa

    So to represent the UK we had pebbledashed walls and concrete panelled fencing. Cutting edge construction from the 60s and 70s.

    • krzysztof bosman

      krzysztof bosman

      2 anni fa

      In UK u have construction from 50s from 3 years u have WAGO and from 2 years mesh for izolation wall europe u got long way

  • D. Steven

    D. Steven

    2 anni fa

    Nice,👍i like this idea contruction for in my home,thanks.

  • Speicher System Victron Lifepo4 Batterie 5885ronny

    Speicher System Victron Lifepo4 Batterie 5885ronny

    28 giorni fa

    Ja echt gute Arbeit danke 🤗👍👍

  • عراق كيمرز

    عراق كيمرز

    Anno fa

    رائع ♥️

  • Numero Uno

    Numero Uno

    2 anni fa

    ¡Como es de rico trabajar cuando se tienen las herramientas correctas 'ome!

  • Owor Benard

    Owor Benard

    3 anni fa

    Playing a video at faster than normal speed does not qualify as workers ingenuity. This is normal work.

  • Vladimir Evsikov

    Vladimir Evsikov

    22 ore fa

    Гениально! Работают с УРОВНЕМ (!) и ДРЕЛЬЮ (!) ,ДАЖЕ МОЛОТКОМ И КИЯНКОЙ! Заборы собирают!!! Охренеть!!!

  • Lucinaldo Santana

    Lucinaldo Santana

    10 mesi fa


  • Sami Ullah

    Sami Ullah

    2 anni fa

    Nice technology

  • Глеб Успешкин

    Глеб Успешкин

    2 anni fa

    2:30 Раковину мужик конечно красиво выложил, но это как с домиком Наф Нафа - жутко непрактично и быстро сломается.. хотя и выглядит красиво...

  • Monday


    3 anni fa

    so, working normal counts as amazing where these videos are uploaded from. speaks for itself.

    • Alex Cordero

      Alex Cordero

      2 anni fa

      It's amazing if you don't know how to do it. Ergo, I was really impressed. It's all perspective I suppose.

  • Yan Krawchik

    Yan Krawchik

    2 anni fa

    Ребят! Показывайте окончательный результат,а то не всегда понятно что в итоге получилось. А так интересно!

  • Graham Cole

    Graham Cole

    8 mesi fa

    Hell of a craftsman with that sink.

  • Mr. T.

    Mr. T.

    2 anni fa

    Should be called engineering of building materials of next level

  • mco zpda

    mco zpda

    3 anni fa

    great ideas ... cheers ..

  • Lothar Late

    Lothar Late

    3 anni fa

    8:09 how to use a ladder correctly 😂

  • steve crazy

    steve crazy

    3 anni fa

    They make it look so easy but as we all know it isn't easy! Easy for them yes, but way!

  • La vecchia guardia

    La vecchia guardia

    2 anni fa

    Beautiful houses made of paper

  • Maria lucia Santos da silva

    Maria lucia Santos da silva

    5 mesi fa

    Preciso por porcelanato na minha casa ,mas já me frustei de mais com pedreiro

  • LUMY Habitat

    LUMY Habitat

    3 anni fa

    Good job guys :)

  • Sergey79 j

    Sergey79 j

    3 anni fa

    Нифига себе, Бекхэм заборы строит.Вот это я понимаю, не то что наши футболисты...👍👍👍

  • Зейнаб Гасанова

    Зейнаб Гасанова

    2 anni fa

    Раньше был богатыр с мечом а теперь с шпателем, мастерком.

  • Kevin Hamelin

    Kevin Hamelin

    11 mesi fa

    if these people come from another planet or another level, there wont be much people left on earth