Powerful Machines That Are On Another Level ▶3

Pubblicato il 22 feb 2019
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Scienze e tecnologie

Quantum Tech HD
Quantum Tech HD
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  • قناة الطريق الصحيح

    قناة الطريق الصحيح

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  • TO THE 🌙 MOON!!!!! :-

    TO THE 🌙 MOON!!!!! :-

    2 anni fa

    Nice machines very high tech 👍

  • Sarthak Pant

    Sarthak Pant

    2 anni fa

    All thanks to mechanical engineering🤙

  • Rahul Baidya

    Rahul Baidya

    2 anni fa

    Tec torch - simple and safe
    Also tec torch- 5000°F

    • JustAnAnonymousPerson


      Anno fa

      Tec torch - thermite in a can

  • NostalgicEmperor Ancientguojia

    NostalgicEmperor Ancientguojia

    2 anni fa

    Wow! Somethings are fantastic, incredible and awesome!

  • bilal anjum

    bilal anjum

    2 anni fa

    Amazing technology



    Anno fa

    I've heard it my whole life...the right tools for the job makes things easy

    • SIGN MAN

      SIGN MAN

      11 mesi fa

      @Kyle Jarvis Wow

    • Kyle Jarvis

      Kyle Jarvis

      11 mesi fa

      Nooooo really

    • Tamer Apass

      Tamer Apass

      Anno fa

      اجمل القنوات انتظرونا

  • Advanced Tech

    Advanced Tech

    Mese fa

    Amazing Video ! Keep it up ! :)

  • Mark Goddard

    Mark Goddard

    2 anni fa

    This machine certainly is on another level.....about three foot seven inches from the floor.



    2 anni fa

    Классный канал Quantum... респект .👍👍👍👍

  • Василий Ветров

    Василий Ветров

    2 anni fa

    7:10 врезка на гидроабразиве с края листа. Т.к. в такую толщину камня он бы врезался около нескольких минут, так же воспроизведение ускорено раз в 5. (Это один из главных недостатков гидроабразивной резки, скорость врезки и резки)

  • Hercules Gomes vaz

    Hercules Gomes vaz

    2 anni fa

    E muito legau

  • Arif Fudin

    Arif Fudin

    2 anni fa

    Woww, amazing👍

  • Elostha elora

    Elostha elora

    2 anni fa

    Wauuuuu semuanya terlalu canggih sampai tidak bisa di percaya😮😮😮

  • xander cage

    xander cage

    2 anni fa

    Its the FORCE that gives them power

  • Ek Ghost

    Ek Ghost

    2 anni fa

    Car washer and iron cutter were amazing

  • Marianito Sayawan

    Marianito Sayawan

    2 anni fa

    Amazing 👌

  • Ullas Pai

    Ullas Pai

    2 anni fa

    did anyone else anticipate what would happen if they kept their hand under the water jet,or ...maybe its just me

    • Ullas Pai

      Ullas Pai

      2 anni fa


    • Ullas Pai

      Ullas Pai

      2 anni fa

      Oh ok

    • Joanna Pereira

      Joanna Pereira

      2 anni fa

      Ullas Pai nope not just you 😂

  • Coliander


    2 anni fa

    Apparently everything is 'on another level' these days.

  • Vasile Coman

    Vasile Coman

    Anno fa

    Super tehnologie

  • mega0876


    2 anni fa

    That water jet is amazing to be able to cut that thick piece of rock

    • Noah Jones

      Noah Jones

      2 anni fa

      mega0876 lol a pressure washer does the same thing just not as heavy duty

  • Joseph Bell

    Joseph Bell

    2 anni fa

    5000°F which can easily melt most surfaces exists:
    Video: Perfectly safe, no risks to this tool whatsoever

    • Gucci Potato

      Gucci Potato

      2 anni fa

      @Sandeep Sharma you

    • Sandeep Sharma

      Sandeep Sharma

      2 anni fa

      Thanks dude for your information 😂

  • John Ernest

    John Ernest

    Anno fa

    7:10- what mother nature takes hundreds of years to do, this machine uses water to cut through rock in seconds.

  • Khmer Food Cooking Everyday

    Khmer Food Cooking Everyday

    2 anni fa

    Wow good idea pro 👍👍👍😀

  • NA SVW

    NA SVW

    Anno fa

    I must admit somtimes, when the advertising stops for a few seconds, there are are few cool technical inventions. The time is just too short to see...

  • Atlas WalkedAway

    Atlas WalkedAway

    2 anni fa

    Yeah, it's cool bro, I totally didn't need those speakers...

  • Ahsanul Holikin

    Ahsanul Holikin

    Anno fa

    Luar biasa canggih

  • Odaadu - ಓಡಾಡು 👣

    Odaadu - ಓಡಾಡು 👣

    2 anni fa

    ತುಂಬಾ ಉಪಯುಕ್ತವಾದ ವೀಡಿಯೊ ♥️

  • PaPorVaZ Express

    PaPorVaZ Express

    2 anni fa

    Nice job

  • By David

    By David

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    hello great channel thanks for sharing big like

  • Fancill Luio

    Fancill Luio

    Anno fa

    Is the first one a super strong electromagnet?

  • JaN GotikA

    JaN GotikA

    2 anni fa

    Wuooo 😱 lo del auto 🚗 🖤🤘

  • Yindee welcome kids and family.

    Yindee welcome kids and family.

    2 anni fa

    Super great!

  • Josué Cano

    Josué Cano

    2 anni fa

    Lo que buscabas 7:06 👍

  • DoctorBrute


    2 anni fa

    2:58 what are we doing here, using a power washer on a shiny new car to get out red clay. Is that supposed to be rust?

    • B McK

      B McK

      Anno fa

      You answered your own question. Shush.

    • สํารวย ชูมก

      สํารวย ชูมก

      Anno fa

      ปุ้ย เอก เสย

  • Erick de Campos

    Erick de Campos

    2 anni fa

    No Brasil vai chegar essas máquinas daqui uns 20 anos

  • Hapid Priyadi

    Hapid Priyadi

    Anno fa

    Bagus banget alat nya gak perlu ribet

  • BeActive Behappy

    BeActive Behappy

    2 anni fa

    But one ☝️ question: Why didn't the platform beneath the stone get cut off!??

    • Jimmaaah


      2 anni fa

      BeActive Behappy Because the water line lost its energy and the spread of the water increases, so it isnt strong enough to cut through.

  • Professional Electronics

    Professional Electronics

    Anno fa

    Nice ♥

  • harish kumar

    harish kumar

    2 anni fa

    7:45 dear Quantum tech HD, I'm interested in seeing the shape of that cut piece.

  • Vandalised R8rd

    Vandalised R8rd

    2 anni fa

    Machine : Safe and Simple
    5000°F : Am I a joke to you?

    • Ali Fahad

      Ali Fahad

      Anno fa

      @Jeffinetly JefFBi .

    • Edmister Enterprises LLC

      Edmister Enterprises LLC

      2 anni fa

      Thats thermite isn't it?

    • Jeffinetly JefFBi

      Jeffinetly JefFBi

      2 anni fa

      Safe is a relative word... Like safer than a nuclear bomb

    • Jeffinetly JefFBi

      Jeffinetly JefFBi

      2 anni fa

      Safe is a relative word.

  • Frans Mars

    Frans Mars

    7 mesi fa

    Yeah. Gotta have that machine that allows you to put some tyres inside another tyre. I can't believe I've gotten through life so far and not needed to put some tyres inside another tyre.

  • Timtam


    2 anni fa

    Gila mesinnya keren keren

  • ghawe abdo

    ghawe abdo

    2 anni fa

    Woow 😍

  • Hariharan B

    Hariharan B

    2 anni fa

    4:48 What a peaceful job.

  • WAN RA

    WAN RA

    Anno fa

    Wow..amazing.. i like

  • MegaSachin2222


    2 anni fa

    start from 7:07 😊

  • Leandro Silva

    Leandro Silva

    Anno fa

    Bom seria de fosse somente Aqua mas é um acumulado de abrasivos

  • Yoonus Poonthala

    Yoonus Poonthala

    2 anni fa

    i have a doubt on the last technique.. how can take outside the tyres? 🤔

    • Cannotkeepmeaway Beware

      Cannotkeepmeaway Beware

      2 anni fa

      @Play2 Win315 thats just rude but it's true



    2 anni fa

    Tuyệt vời

  • Owen Denchy

    Owen Denchy

    2 anni fa

    Imagine being the person that chose this noise and thought it was music.

    • Cry


      2 anni fa

      @مشغولاتCrafts خان الخليلي Khan al khalili fuck off

    • مشغولاتCrafts خان الخليلي Khan al khalili

      مشغولاتCrafts خان الخليلي Khan al khalili

      2 anni fa


  • Kookie Strangler

    Kookie Strangler

    2 anni fa

    2:31 when you have a real life color changing hotwheel

    • 徐文輝


      Anno fa

      我要大陸的連續劇 我要看傢俱 我要 台灣的佳句

    • مشغولاتCrafts خان الخليلي Khan al khalili

      مشغولاتCrafts خان الخليلي Khan al khalili

      2 anni fa


    • Tolip4ik 16

      Tolip4ik 16

      2 anni fa

      Kookie Strangler

  • Engine World

    Engine World

    2 anni fa

    Using fire and spark to make 5000F.....

    Safe and easy to use .... 😂😂😂😂lol

  • michael bayer

    michael bayer

    Anno fa

    ... we need these - special Effekts - by TOP ENGINEURS.

  • Frances Kaing

    Frances Kaing

    2 anni fa

    When that water cleaning thing cleaned the car it satisfied me so much!

    • Javier Rojas Camacho

      Javier Rojas Camacho

      2 anni fa

      Use tons of water for cleaning is really shit

    • kayne garcia

      kayne garcia

      2 anni fa

      ...you may need therapy is all I’m saying

  • Doodlebob ̇

    Doodlebob ̇

    Anno fa

    can someone smart tell me the purpose of the first machine?



    2 anni fa

    Very cool

  • Garras Porgratix

    Garras Porgratix

    2 anni fa

    How can anybody get a car THAT dirty??!! I go muddin and dont get my truck half that nasty. The lightsaber gun has potential....to rob a bank vault.

  • Ty Winters

    Ty Winters

    2 anni fa

    Man, I need to wash my truck with that water jet. That will get all the mud and stuff off

    • Fish It All

      Fish It All

      Anno fa

      That machine will slice your engine in half

  • محمد صباح محمد فليح

    محمد صباح محمد فليح

    2 anni fa


  • Stella Dennis

    Stella Dennis

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    OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i got Free Gift Cards from 💜 DATEUS.UNO 💜

  • Andrej Menshakov

    Andrej Menshakov

    2 anni fa

    21 век вообще то ... В космос летаем



    2 anni fa

    good job

  • Mark Eyssac

    Mark Eyssac

    2 anni fa

    Jet vap: slowly clean your car with what looks like a lot more effort than using a sponge. Splendid, i'll have 3.

    • Rabin Hada

      Rabin Hada

      2 anni fa

      8 arzoo

    • Rabin Hada

      Rabin Hada

      2 anni fa

      Arago the best of 7

  • Ofri Nokrian

    Ofri Nokrian

    2 anni fa

    7:12 this is what you came for.

    • 赤羽業


      Anno fa

      Put your finger…

    • old days

      old days

      Anno fa

      @S yeah a water jet that cuts through stone

    • Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere

      Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere

      Anno fa

      Ofri Nokrian 👀

    • Max Meadows

      Max Meadows

      Anno fa

      Ofri Nokrian not all heroes wear capes

    • пердющий пердун

      пердющий пердун

      2 anni fa

      Thanks 🥰

  • All In One

    All In One

    2 anni fa

    really these r powerful ....

  • West Coast Wheelman

    West Coast Wheelman

    2 anni fa

    Nesting scrap tires into themselves for efficiency is the most German thing I've ever seen. Well except for this one other thing.

  • Gustav Myhre

    Gustav Myhre

    2 anni fa

    The best part of this was 10:17

  • Foxl


    2 anni fa


  • Nicholas Hullander

    Nicholas Hullander

    2 anni fa

    spray chalk removed from a car, another level of something

  • Николай Логинов

    Николай Логинов

    2 anni fa

    :...а потом мы на такой резине ездить будем 9:00. совершеннно новый уровень ...ага

  • Mosh century the-dye

    Mosh century the-dye

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    technology it's good

  • Hung Cao

    Hung Cao

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    Nice video

  • kuch Khas

    kuch Khas

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    Nice video

  • Majestic Brees

    Majestic Brees

    2 anni fa

    The part you came for was 7:07

    • Chris Reynecke

      Chris Reynecke

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      Perfect for riot control

    • Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere

      Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere

      Anno fa

      Majestic Brees 👍

    • Radley Schexnayder

      Radley Schexnayder

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      No I came for the video

    • TAMH 8

      TAMH 8

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    • FCA1975


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      Oh, that must be the Hulk's water pick.

  • События Таджикистана

    События Таджикистана

    2 anni fa

    new generation technologies

  • XenonOne


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    Nice video

  • محمود المندلاوي

    محمود المندلاوي

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    وعلم الانسان مالم يعلم

  • Foreign Family Kitchen

    Foreign Family Kitchen

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    Suyla kesme makinasi bir efsane 👏

  • James Nordblom

    James Nordblom

    Anno fa

    Another level? What did you have to climb some stairs to reach it?

  • SC Rules

    SC Rules

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    Tech Torch should really help the no knock raids at 4am.

  • Abd Halim

    Abd Halim

    2 anni fa


  • Oleg Andrushchenko

    Oleg Andrushchenko

    2 anni fa

    Sometimes when my gascap is stuck at the gas station I use that to melt it open

  • pinaldo jr

    pinaldo jr

    2 anni fa

    Keep going pro

  • алексей Wot

    алексей Wot

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    В ролике с авто не понял, неужели обычная мойка высокого давления не справилась бы?

  • Waleed Mechanicalyemen

    Waleed Mechanicalyemen

    2 anni fa

    قديمه هذي الاله موجوده عندنا من قبل 350 سنه

    اسمها 🤗🤗



    2 anni fa

    God job

  • Liam McGuigan

    Liam McGuigan

    Anno fa

    "Safe and simple"
    Btw it's 5000 degrees!!!

  • شكراً ياالله

    شكراً ياالله

    Anno fa

    ماشاء الله تبارك الله

  • pedro mirinda

    pedro mirinda

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    Wauuu 👍👍👍👍

  • Nsona Chamfort

    Nsona Chamfort

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    Les robots de grande puissance

  • yunas saxer

    yunas saxer

    Anno fa


  • S P

    S P

    2 anni fa

    9:49 how do you get the tires out?

    • AMN


      2 anni fa

      You buy separate machine to do that!

    • king rush

      king rush

      2 anni fa


    • Sam Smith

      Sam Smith

      2 anni fa

      You dont

  • John Moore

    John Moore

    2 anni fa

    I want one of those hot vapes.

  • ryoichi n

    ryoichi n

    Anno fa


  • Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia

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  • INKdew


    2 anni fa

    3:27 why is there rust on the plastic bumper?

    • Дмитрий Мапедов

      Дмитрий Мапедов

      2 anni fa

      Haha lol

    • Abdullah Mateen

      Abdullah Mateen

      2 anni fa

      that wasn't a rust

  • Reynaldo Cebreros

    Reynaldo Cebreros

    2 anni fa

    3:27 donde la compro? con eso de que queda limpio queda limpio el carro jajajaja

  • eric1138


    2 anni fa

    How cool would it be to hear the machines working instead of this annoying background music.

  • Александр Алексеевич Ходырев

    Александр Алексеевич Ходырев

    7 mesi fa

    Что удивительного в термитной сварке?