Highly Ingenious Workers That You Need To See ▶7

Pubblicato il 27 gen 2019
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  • Free The Birds

    Free The Birds

    3 anni fa

    Workers aren't "ingenious" here, Inventors who created the machines and products are.

    • Ali Eshaqi

      Ali Eshaqi

      2 anni fa


    • HSD nF

      HSD nF

      2 anni fa

      agreed i was going to reply the same. unless these workers are the ones who invented the machines and only ones who can use it. other wise their just showing someone drive a car and say how great they are over people walking.

  • Eliel Croce

    Eliel Croce

    2 anni fa

    Eu sou fã da trilha sonora desses vídeos! \o/
    Fico hipnotizado com as cenas, ferramentas, agilidade e habilidades apresentadas nos vídeos! :D

  • Gilead de Minas

    Gilead de Minas

    2 anni fa

    Muito bom - D+

  • Daniel Jara

    Daniel Jara

    3 anni fa

    No sabia que hacer trabajos con maquinas era estar a otro nivel

  • Mauricio Moreira

    Mauricio Moreira

    3 anni fa

    Muito legal !

  • Darragh O Sullivan

    Darragh O Sullivan

    2 anni fa

    Having not worked in these industries, i'm impressed!

    • Francesca Sergi

      Francesca Sergi

      2 anni fa

      Darragh O Sullivan a

  • Tecnica X

    Tecnica X

    3 anni fa

    🔴Muy buena esa rueda de vehículo, muy futurista. Excelente video COMPAÑERO.

  • Dimitri Surovtsev

    Dimitri Surovtsev

    2 anni fa

    До сих пор в шоке от последнего изобретения, каких-то пол часа покрутить и пластиковая труба отрезается как по маслу - невероятно!!!

  • Igor Junio

    Igor Junio

    Anno fa

    Um desses últimos aí é o famoso pneu remode! Uma das gambiarras mais perigosas já criadas

  • BigAntTalks


    11 mesi fa

    These jobs might seem repetitive but all definitely need a high level of skill.

  • bo2 gamer

    bo2 gamer

    3 anni fa

    Retreads are actually mostly semi tires here in the states .I used to be a bandag tech years ago. What your not seeing is after the new tread is put on theres a heating process called chamber..You basically encase the tire into a giant rubber envelope and use arc bands to seal the envelope. Then put the tires into a heated chamber and hookup a vacuum line to each tire inside (usually a curing process would do 20 tires or so at a time in about a 3hour or 4hour time) once you closed the chamber door the tires would be cured by a vacuuming process..We did tons of mostly trailer tires for trucking and dump truck tires for companies like waste management etc..retreads are popular mostly for the pricing vs brand new price it was a cool experience one of my first jobs out of high school and very physical also we used to have to stack those damn tires when finished like 10high or so in the warehouse area..No wonder im now in my mid 40s and my back is spent lol..

    • Thomas Early

      Thomas Early

      3 anni fa

      That’s also a dork lift tire so they might not even go that crazy being as it’s not actually going on roads

    • classic car lover 1959

      classic car lover 1959

      3 anni fa

      No one cares

  • Scotty Kei

    Scotty Kei

    3 anni fa

    I think these operators were not genius.
    These technologies and mechanical developers are simply genius.

  • Eddy Metal DIY

    Eddy Metal DIY

    2 anni fa

    I am happy to see skilled workers

  • Luciano


    3 anni fa

    Muito legal.

  • Sister Mary Mortz

    Sister Mary Mortz

    Anno fa

    Awesome craftsmanship.

  • Tyclone


    3 anni fa

    (1:20) Cutting vinyl stickers isnt really what I would call "ingenious" ... But you do you man.

    • Cole Brown

      Cole Brown

      2 anni fa

      @Simon Ruszczak NO YOU DUMBASS

    • Mellon Mellon

      Mellon Mellon

      3 anni fa

      and they showed this twice

    • joe noor

      joe noor

      3 anni fa


    • fortwoodmisery


      3 anni fa

      as someone that does this for a living I agree, he did it completely wrong and broke like 3 rules that would of got him fired if he worked for me, lol

    • thetruthrover


      3 anni fa

      You mean CarbOn F1ber.

  • Francisco neto Oliveira gomes NETO

    Francisco neto Oliveira gomes NETO

    2 anni fa

    Muito interessante a constituição do pneu leva vários tipos de matérias primas.

  • this is fishing

    this is fishing

    3 anni fa

    и что тут гениального, простые рабочие!

  • RM online

    RM online

    3 anni fa

    Good techniques. It was fun watching.

  • Luis LMS

    Luis LMS

    3 anni fa

    Não são trabalhadores engenhosos, mas sim, ter os equipamentos e saber o que fazer...

    They are not ingenious workers, but have the equipment and know what to do ...

    • caisse rmb

      caisse rmb

      2 mesi fa


  • RageOfAThousandSuns


    2 anni fa

    4:35 I couldn't help but imagine the guy working being just really small and that he is just working on a small cable.

  • Matte Edström

    Matte Edström

    3 anni fa

    The workers are in no way "ingenious" The tools are!

  • Febrian Guntara

    Febrian Guntara

    3 anni fa

    Kerja cerdas, kreatif dan dibantu oleh alat yang memadai, sehingga hasilnya sempurna. 👏

    • Venkata Sagar

      Venkata Sagar

      Mese fa

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  • Alfred


    2 anni fa

    I am very impressed, have subtitles, right?

  • Ms. Phoepe

    Ms. Phoepe

    2 anni fa

    *Wow! This really is an amazing content! Thanks for the uploads!! 💚.*

  • thecrazy8888


    3 anni fa

    This should have been called: "Interesting manufacturing processes"

  • ahoorakia


    2 anni fa

    how is it ingenious?! this how it is done professionally,using right tools!

  • Techodome


    3 anni fa

    Amazing, they cut through that glass like it was a piece of paper :D

  • Robert Emerson

    Robert Emerson

    2 anni fa

    "Honey, why are you getting home so late tonight?"

    "I had to splice 3 wires instead of 2."

    Also, that was the lowest profile tire I've ever seen. I'd like to see what it goes on.

    • Димон Кулев

      Димон Кулев

      Anno fa


    • John Hughes

      John Hughes

      2 anni fa

      Pretty sure it's for a forklift.

  • valleycat 6275

    valleycat 6275

    3 anni fa

    I absolutely LOVE these videos, and I keep getting sucked in to watching them. "Highly Ingenious Workers That You Need To See..."? More like people trained to do a job. Nothing especially "ingenious" about them.

  • Штюбинг Штюбинг

    Штюбинг Штюбинг

    3 anni fa


  • Beautiful Relaxation

    Beautiful Relaxation

    2 anni fa

    Nice work!

  • Life & Tech

    Life & Tech

    2 anni fa

    Not everybody can work in perfect manner.

  • Carla Hernandez

    Carla Hernandez

    3 anni fa

    I wouldn’t say this is “ingenious” it’s just a normal persons job that they would do on a normal day

  • Todd Cooper

    Todd Cooper

    2 anni fa

    It's not ingenious workers, it's ingenious machines.

  • Advanced Tech

    Advanced Tech

    Mese fa

    Epic Video ! Keep it up! 👍

  • Mohammad Ashraf

    Mohammad Ashraf

    3 anni fa

    3:12 I don't think he is a worker, he is looking like a boss.😅😅

  • Tayro Thinkingoutloud

    Tayro Thinkingoutloud

    3 anni fa

    And the best they could come up with was using 4,676,878,676,587 miles of electrical tape? Here's a freebee. Make a two piece mold to clamp around the connectors. Leave a hole in the top to pour a 2 part simi-hard silicone with high dielectric properties and quick cure time. Then make a second 2 piece mold to encompass the entire joint, use the same silicone to fill.
    If you can't be a professional, at least look like one.

  • The Music Arena

    The Music Arena

    3 anni fa

    Wow! This really is an amazing content! Thanks for the uploads!! 💚

  • Сергей Курапов

    Сергей Курапов

    3 anni fa

    Дожили...добросовестно выполняющий работу теперь гений.😒
    Лет через 10 вышел на работу - ваще идеал...

  • 시늬수


    3 anni fa

    Wow, it is fantastic to see the restoring of the tire!!!

  • Mighty Mouse

    Mighty Mouse

    2 anni fa

    Retreading tires is definitely highly ingenious work.

  • Smile ™

    Smile ™

    3 anni fa

    6:04 Вот если бы синяя изолента, то да, на века... Можно было бы даже в один слой наматать и все работало бы лет 50. А эта чёрная... Ну два дня от силы и все...

    • Maria Roberta Garcez De Oliveira

      Maria Roberta Garcez De Oliveira

      2 anni fa

      Muzica sertaneja

    • Nodalex Kedrovich

      Nodalex Kedrovich

      3 anni fa

      @Maxim Viktorov Полагаю соединительные колодки там стальные. Иначе просто порвет от простого перемещения трактором такого кабеля.

    • Antitey


      3 anni fa


    • Moises Foster

      Moises Foster

      3 anni fa

      &2,-91!'?37%bfjeyznvkwgzv27':bbudbswos v,23::)4,jwubeoi?

    • Сергей Мищенков

      Сергей Мищенков

      3 anni fa

      @Maxim Viktorov по этому они соединяются через колодки

  • The King of How To's

    The King of How To's

    2 anni fa

    @8:04, this is really cool... I have always wanted to learn how to do this and open-up a shop in my home-country doing this among my other numerous Jack of All Trades DIY stuff lolz...

  • D Schneider

    D Schneider

    2 anni fa

    As "normal" as all this is...it is incredibly satisfying to watch for some reason.

  • CitiesTurnedToDust


    3 anni fa

    The one with the electric cables looked like a hellacious amount of work. Too bad someone couldn't figure out a more intelligent system for that.

  • RL Jackson's Gaming and PC Building

    RL Jackson's Gaming and PC Building

    2 anni fa

    Watch these minimum wage workers use tools exactly as they're intended!

    • OG since GO

      OG since GO

      2 anni fa

      And who do you think the components of ur beloved gaming computer are assembled by.... minimal wage workers are what makes this world go round, so quickly we forget

  • Alex Abadi

    Alex Abadi

    3 anni fa

    Having me watch 4 commercials on the same video, that's what I call skills !

  • enzo viglione

    enzo viglione

    3 anni fa

    Most ingenius tire rebuilt is at min 7, 04. It can travel for "a long mile" no stop !!

  • ForVDr


    3 anni fa

    I think "Highly Precise" would have been more apt than "ingenious." But I love to watch machines, so I liked it.

  • Vostok1


    3 anni fa

    Я понял что я повзрослел, когда начал смотреть такие видео)))

  • _.tallman


    2 anni fa

    That was a WAY over-complicated way to cut a circle out of glass...I bet no one in the industry does it like that

  • sgsellsit


    3 anni fa

    What is so ingenious about a trained worker doing everyday, mundane tasks. Ingenious are the ones who invented the machines and techniques years ago to do all these jobs.

  • jahir rojas

    jahir rojas

    2 anni fa

    Y yo que creía que con soldar con estaño y cautin era suficiente para unir circuitos o cables :(

  • Phoebe Skinner

    Phoebe Skinner

    3 mesi fa

    OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i got Free Gift Cards from 💜 VISITSME.UNO 💜

    • AST master

      AST master

      3 mesi fa

      Ngl it looks like a fucking scam

  • Сергей Grad

    Сергей Grad

    8 mesi fa

    Гениальный работник в начале видео, ради 10 квадратных сантиметров пленки запорол 30 квадратных сантиметров, просто гений!!

  • Stereomoon


    2 anni fa

    Кто нибудь из посмотревших ролик увидел тут хоть одного строителя? И в чем тут гениальность, просто люди делают свою работу.

  • 기피뉴


    9 mesi fa

    헐 저런거 전부 기계가 하는건줄 알았는데 거진 반은 수동이었네 ㄷ ㄷ 엄청 힘들겠다..

  • 604 Angel Reyes

    604 Angel Reyes

    3 anni fa

    Esa de corta círculos en el
    Vidrio nosotros lo hacemos más fácil y rápido y sin usar la máquina golpeadora 😂

    En lo Que ellos sacaron 1 sacamos como 4 y no mordidos 😂

  • Nighetmare


    2 anni fa

    Well thank you recommendation. I think I needed to know that I'm ingenious too

  • Александр Булах

    Александр Булах

    3 anni fa

    С таким же успехом .ролик можно было назвать ( космонавты отличные ребята))))

  • Syed Muqeem

    Syed Muqeem

    2 anni fa

    That s ok you are doing the good jobs and it's also interesting..but kindly say the names of the tools which you are using in the specific needs or works allowable.

  • PowerOf One

    PowerOf One

    2 anni fa

    watching that large cable being joined was so strangely satisfying..............

  • Алексей Фурианец

    Алексей Фурианец

    3 anni fa

    На 10:30 ручной труборез винтовой действительно круто
    😀 в двадцать первом то веке и впрямь новый уровень.

  • Bodgy Aussie

    Bodgy Aussie

    3 anni fa

    Dont think its possible to invent a slower method to cut pipe

    • Федор Мусоров

      Федор Мусоров

      2 anni fa

      Bodgy Aussie hei

    • skoronesa


      2 anni fa

      It's not about the speed, it's about the accuracy. This type of polyethylene pipe is designed to be buttwelded and requires a perfectly flat end. After assembly it can hold hundreds of pounds of pressure and is used for underground water mains. It is easily the best water main you can have. In a real life scenario you will only have to make a small number of cuts as you will be joining whole lengths and it is only when you need a certain length to fill a gap that you will need to make a cut. Also, you will be doing it in a trench where this cutter will easily fit. Look up "fusion weld pipe" and you will see this type of pipe being connected.

    • FOH-3663


      3 anni fa

      I've never seen one in the field, however I could see where it may have it's place; - Reliable/no power needed - Explosion Proof areas - No battery needed - No A.C. needed - Tight access in a duct bank or pipe rack

    • Bob White

      Bob White

      3 anni fa

      @Sean Gavin ...tool probably invented in Europe or USA

    • Random Acts

      Random Acts

      3 anni fa

      Chainsaw works better, just saying, you probably already know that though lol

  • Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    2 anni fa

    great methods ... our tours are even better :)

  • kei siroyama

    kei siroyama

    3 anni fa


  • Mike Sexton

    Mike Sexton

    3 anni fa

    Come for the ingenious workers, stay for the disappointment of not seeing any.

  • Критик Критикович

    Критик Критикович

    3 anni fa

    Классное технология резки широких труб , и вопще всё круто было . 😎

    • vasso 777

      vasso 777

      3 anni fa

      болгаркой быстрее отрежу пока они собирать будут ту хрень

  • HBN Infotech - Tutorials

    HBN Infotech - Tutorials

    2 anni fa

    I like the glass cutting method at 3:55

  • Can Sarac

    Can Sarac

    3 anni fa

    I need one meter of that cable, swings very well in traffic fights :v

  • Mad Baby

    Mad Baby

    2 anni fa

    Voyager space probe is ingenious. Kazan helicopter factory is ingenious. Iron Maiden is ingenious. People who machined the lunar lander were ingenious (and they managed to fit an ingenious folding space automobile inside). This is at best mildly satisfying to watch.

  • はむさん


    2 anni fa


  • Franklin Exaltaçao Teixeira

    Franklin Exaltaçao Teixeira

    3 anni fa


  • 山本佑哉


    2 anni fa


  • Christian Miersch

    Christian Miersch

    3 anni fa

    My only issue with this wonderful video is, that it is wayy too slow. I feel it should be sped up more in order to be entertaining.

  • Aerial Rescue Solutions

    Aerial Rescue Solutions

    Anno fa

    Hands down, the cable splicing was totally awesome. How many rolls of tape and a few different types of special tape were used. That's not Billys electrical home style tape at all. That was worth it. the rest was like,,,,, What................

  • The King of How To's

    The King of How To's

    2 anni fa

    @6:10, I wrap/tape wires/cables just like this all the time lol. What can I say, great minds think alike lol...

  • Bill coley

    Bill coley

    2 anni fa

    Glass cutting has always amazed me.

  • Aaron Belden

    Aaron Belden

    2 anni fa

    The cable spicing can be done faster with a skilled worker and a sharp pocket knife

  • John Armenta

    John Armenta

    2 anni fa

    At 3:00 - the craftsman is wearing a TIE!! He is just too damned cool to NOT wear one! Excellent, my good sir - Excellent!

  • Raffy Shoukry

    Raffy Shoukry

    2 anni fa

    This should be called competent people doing there job

  • alwaysalone soki

    alwaysalone soki

    27 giorni fa

    Respect to Men 🔥💪🏻

  • Dave Sumner

    Dave Sumner

    2 anni fa

    I guess that we have simply forgotten what it is to work at normal jobs for a living. Cut glass & make sure that your necktie doesn't get in the way. Ingenious!

  • Valmir Souza Pinto

    Valmir Souza Pinto

    2 anni fa

    When someone gets to discover the "ingenious" part of this, please let me know.

    • Sabersz


      Mese fa

      Literally first one. Putting fake carbon wrap onto a car door handle. Pretty crappy and looks tacky but that's beside the point. It's not even ingenious, it's lazy. You've went and wrapped the front, okay. But then people can see it's just a wrap, because it doesn't [wrap] around the sides!

    • Shubhangi Rahegaonkar

      Shubhangi Rahegaonkar

      10 mesi fa

      There was NO THING Ingenious in it, It was meant to grab our ATTENTION 😏😏

    • David Francisco

      David Francisco

      11 mesi fa


    • hxiixw


      2 anni fa

      the most ingenious part of this entire video was managing to get us all to watch most/all of this video without leaving as soon as we realized it wasn't ingenious.

  • Igor Molodec

    Igor Molodec

    2 anni fa

    Чувак с изолентой, здоровья тебе, долгих лет жизни, всего хорошего.))) Этож надо столько мотать!



    3 anni fa

    I was waiting for him to put a giant plug on the cable 😂

  • Shalom Ely

    Shalom Ely

    3 anni fa

    We shouldn't condone tire retreading, very unsafe

  • Hydra Inarms

    Hydra Inarms

    2 anni fa

    And now we know what we already knew .
    Everything is expensive cause it takes so god dam long to make.

    • Joshua Gawidan

      Joshua Gawidan

      Anno fa

      And they needed to be durable

    • Chad DeVerger

      Chad DeVerger

      2 anni fa

      Nah everything is expensive cause the government put a pointless value on things.

    • John Hughes

      John Hughes

      2 anni fa

      @Joey Splats kinda like China.

    • Joey Splats

      Joey Splats

      2 anni fa

      Everything's expensive because we pay people. If nobody got paid we could have cheaper stuff.

    • Blue Racer

      Blue Racer

      2 anni fa

      Eymen Eymen very interesting to watch.

  • James Jones

    James Jones

    3 anni fa

    Everyone here is just doing what they were taught, I wanted to see people solving complex problems quickly.

  • ramiro peralta

    ramiro peralta

    3 anni fa

    Me encanta la parte en la que viene el tipo y corta el cosito jaja



    3 anni fa

    Vim aprender com os genios

  • Randy Trader

    Randy Trader

    3 anni fa

    Y asi nacen las llantas 😯😅

  • macforme


    2 anni fa

    The retread guys: No respirator to protect their lungs and a lot of these people could benefit from eye protection too.

    I was pretty impressed with the cable splicer.

    • Gene O

      Gene O

      2 anni fa

      The key to that guys success is that yellow vest! LOL!

  • Foodiecutie


    2 anni fa

    In the first car one, what’s to stop someone from just peeling off the finished product?

  • Владимир Ткачев

    Владимир Ткачев

    2 anni fa

    20:15 лягу сегодня спать пораньше, часов в 10, а то завтра вставать рано
    23:30 щас поем и пару видосиков в ютубе посмотрю, потом точно спать
    02:46 "Гениальные Строители на Совершенно Новом Уровне ▶7"

  • Asier Esteban

    Asier Esteban

    2 anni fa

    No veo que los trabajadures sean especiales, mas alla de saber usar las herramientas necesaciass, que si que son mas o menos poco usuales para quien no conoce estos gremios.

  • Antarhexis


    2 anni fa

    Not sure using highly specific quality tools for the job makes the workers ingenious. They do their job pretty damn well though

  • Diack Ndiaye

    Diack Ndiaye

    2 anni fa


    All of this for one tire

  • Selli Syafila

    Selli Syafila

    3 anni fa

    I really love something new. Especially this content 😎

    • Selli Syafila

      Selli Syafila

      3 anni fa

      @Mobile Shop what do you mean (qq)?

    • Mobile Shop

      Mobile Shop

      3 anni fa